About us


 The foundation was established on 25 November 2008 jointly by pharmaSuisse and the Swiss Society for the History of Pharmacy (SGGP).



In addition to initial capital, the founders also contributed book and journal holdings to the foundation.

The book inventory is completely catalogued. There are about 6,000 volumes. In addition, the foundation owns around 650 linear metres of periodicals.



The purpose of the Foundation is the acquisition, preservation and valorisation of books, printed matter, images and archival material of historical interest to Swiss pharmacy. The Foundation is non-profit making and does not pursue any profit-making purpose. (Art 2 Foundation Charter)


Board of Trustees

Members of the foundation board:

Prof. Dr. François Ledermann, Chairman

Dr. Ursula Hirter-Trüb, Vice President

Dr. Stefan Fritz

Dr. Regula Willi-Hangartner

Dr. Claudia Zerobin Kleist

Mrs Pia Burkhalter

Dr. Sara Ruppen

Mrs. Anna Schlegel